Incidence of SCID cases in Germany

Reference: Shai, S., Perez-Becker, R., Andres, O. et al. Incidence of SCID in Germany from 2014 to 2015 an ESPED* Survey on Behalf of the API*** Erhebungseinheit für Seltene Pädiatrische Erkrankungen in Deutschland (German Paediatric Surveillance Unit) ** Arbeitsgemeinschaft Pädiatrische Immunologie. J Clin Immunol (2020).

Journal: Journal of Clinical Immunology

Summary: 1.German Surveillance Unit for rare Paediatric Diseases (ESPED) included newly diagnosed SCID cases from 2014-15 which was matched with data from ESID and PRST registries and capture-recapture analysis was done for incidence calculation

2. 22 confirmed cases were included, median age 3.5 months, failure to thrive was the commonest feature and Pneumocystis jirovecii was commonest organism isolated.

3.Around 70% cases had low lymphocyte counts

4. Transplantation done in around 60% cases

5. Overall mortality was around 29%

Bottom line: The incidence of SCID in Germany was 1.6/1,00,000/year in children <1 year of age

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